More Frequently Asked Questions …….

How are the wells permitted?  Our wells are permitted by the Colorado Division of Water Resources under specific Conditions of Approval.  All of the wells are limited to supplying the Alpine Lakes Ranch Central Water System for residential use, livestock watering, irrigation of not more than 3000 square feet per lot of lawns, gardens, shrubs, and trees, and fire protection.  The total volume of water produced is limited by the permits.

Who owns the ALR water system?   The Alpine Lakes Ranch POA owns the infrastructure of the water system.  

What is WATCO's role with the water system?  WATCO is responsible for operations, maintenance, and repair of existing Infrastructure.

How do I know ALR water is safe to drink?  All water entering the distribution system has undergone a disinfection process mandated by the state.  Residual chlorine levels are checked on a frequent basis and logged.  All other state mandated water quality testing is performed and reported per state law.

What is a Consumer Confidence Report? The report is a document that details all water quality tests performed in a given year, the results of the tests, and an explanation of the purpose of the testing.

Why do I receive a CCR each year?  The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment mandates this level of reporting for all public water systems.

What water treatment is currently being done?  We use a dilute hypochlorite solution for disinfection.  About 2 parts per million is added which leaves a residual level of about 1 part per million average.  Also, the state has mandated we add a small amount (1 to 2 parts per million) of a phosphate solution to reduce a very minor lead and copper issue seen in some homes.  All testing for possible contaminants has put us within state standards.

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